July 31st Shop Update

Hippie Chick Skein Title Valley Girl (Updated) Skein TitleHot Flash Skein TitleFunfetti Solid Wide Stripes Skein TitleFunfetti Speckled Wide Stripes Skein TitleFunfetti Mirror Image Skeins Title Hoverboard Skein Title Neon is the New Grey Skein Title Wine Country Skein Title Apocalyptic Rainbow Skein TitleVampire Sunrise Skein TitleGothic Rainbow Skein TitleHere is the line-up of colorways that will be going into our Etsy shop on July 31st at 2:00 pm.  Please scroll down through earlier blog posts for details on these colorways.

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HoverboardHoverboard SkeinHoverboard 3This colorway was inspired by “Back to the Future, Part II” where Marty McFly and Doc Brown travel to the year 2015 when (supposedly) electronics operate virtually everything from clothing to garbage cans, flying cars are so common that drivers no longer need roads, and instead of skateboards kids skirt by on hoverboards!  We patterned this self-striping colorway after the hoverboard Marty uses to escape Griff Tannen and his gang by the courthouse.  This colorway was dyed on our Big Sky Base, and it consists of 8 rows of Jennifer McFly, 2 rows of Hill Valley, 5 rows of DeLorean Time Machine, 2 rows of Needles, 3 rows of Hill Valley, and 2 rows of Grays Sports Almanac.  Fly “Back to the Future” with this “the future is now” colorway.


Funfetti Solid Wide Stripes SkeinFunfetti Solid Wide Stripes Funfetti Solid Color Wide Stripes           This colorway is a party just waiting to happen!  We are excited to add several renditions of “Funfetti” to the lineup of new colorways in our Etsy shop.  The first rendition features solid colors for the wide stripes, separated by speckled narrow stripes.  This colorway was dyed on our Big Sky Base, and the striping is 5 rows of purple pizazz, 5 rows of party-time pink, 5 rows of get-down green, and 5 rows of blowout blue, each surrounded by 2 rows of speckled goodness.



Funfetti Speckled Wide Stripes Skein Funfetti Speckled Wide StripesFunfetti Speckled Wide Stripes           We are also offering “Funfetti Speckled Wide Stripes” dyed on our Big Sky Base.  This version boasts speckled yarn in the wide stripes, separated by solid color narrow stripes.  The striping consists of 2 rows of purple pizazz, 2 rows of party-time pink, 2 rows of get-down green, and 2 rows of blowout blue, each surrounded by 5 rows of speckled goodness.




Funfetti Mirror Image Skeins Funfetti Mirror ImageFunfetti Mirror Image Set                  For those of you who like a pair of mismatched socks, we are offering a mirror image set consisting of a mini skein (200 yards) of “Funfetti Solid Color Wide Stripes” and a mini skein (200 yards) of “Funfetti Speckled Wide Stripes.”


Hot Flash

Hot Flash SkeinHot FlashIf you are at the same stage in life as one of the sisters, then this colorway needs no explanation.  Dyed on two different bases (Big Sky Base and Yellowstone Base), the striping sequence for this 6-color striper is 4 rows of What Happened to My Estrogen?, 2 rows of night sweats, 2 rows of mood swings, 2 rows of memory lapses, 2 rows of irritability, and 4 rows of bloating, repeating back in reverse order to What Happened to My Estrogen?  Skip the hormone replacement therapy — just immerse yourself in this empathetic colorway.

Hippie Chick

Hippie Chick Hippie Chick Skein (2)This chick is a throw-back to the 60’s when hippies converged on San Francisco in the “Summer of Love” and everything psychedelic was groovy!  This 6-stripe colorway was dyed on our Yellowstone Base, and there are 4 rows each of badass pink, blitzed brown, love child orange, freak out violet, tie dye yellow, and peace green.  So don’t be a square.  Join the revolution with this countercultural self-striper.

Neon is the New Grey

Neon is the New Grey SkeinIf orange Neon is the New Grey - Editedis the new black, then we think neon is the new grey.  But there’s no need to be incarcerated to enjoy this new 8-stripe colorway.  This self-striper was dyed on our Big Sky Base, and it consists of 4 rows each of neon orange, grey, neon green, grey, neon pink, grey, and neon yellow and grey.  You would really be styling in the penitentiary in socks knit out of this bad girl!

Vampire Sunrise

Vampire Sunrise Vampire Sunrise SkeinSome say that vampires can instinctively sense when dawn is approaching.  As sunrise draws near, they feel an overriding urgency to retire to a safe place to sleep — a coffin, their sanctuary.  One of our latest colorways, “Vampire Sunrise” was dyed on our Stillwater Sparkle Base, and features 4 rows each of paranoid pink, horrid purple, puncture red, wooden stake grey, sanguine pink, and fatal black.  Don’t wait for sunrise to catch a glimpse of a vampire returning to a dark lair; knit up your own spooky sunrise!

Wine Country

Wine CountryWine Country SkeinWhat goes better with wine than chocolate?  Nothing, we say!  One of our latest colorways, “Wine country” will be included in our Etsy shop update on on July 31st.  This 6-stripe self-striper was dyed on our Yellowstone Base, and consists of 5 rows of rosé, 2 rows of salted chocolate, 5 rows of chardonnay, 2 rows of salted chocolate, 6 rows of cabernet, and 2 more rows of salted chocolate.  So, grab a glass of your favorite wine and a chocolate treat, and sit down and knit up this scrumptious colorway!

June 5, 2015 Update Yarn

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We have been busy dyeing yarn this past month and have come up with several new colorways.  All of this yarn will be available in our Etsy shop on June 5, 2015, at 2:00 pm (MDT).  Scroll through our blog posts (below) to see a full description of each colorway, then check out our Etsy shop Friday at 2pm to purchase the skein, or skeins, of your choice.

Royal Rainbow

Royal Rainbow Royal Rainbow SkeinThe royalty of this world demand only the best of everything, so we dyed this colorway on our most luxurious yarn, the Canyon Creek MCN with a touch of cashmere.  The striping boasts 4 rows of royal raspberry, 4 rows of regal teal, 4 rows of aristocratic orange, 4 rows of imperial blue, 4 rows of dignified purple, 4 rows of illustrious green, and 4 rows of kingly brown.  So, treat yourself like royalty and purchase a skein of this luscious yarn.  You deserve it!