We are two sisters from Billings, Montana.  Jolane is a retired attorney, and Anne is a nurse and stay-at-home mom.  We started our yarn dyeing business in 2014, and so far, it’s a blast!

Jolane (who is the older one but we won’t say how much older) practiced law full-time for many years, but she always carved out time to hone her skills at various crafts and hobbies.  In addition to dyeing yarn, Jolane plays the clarinet in our local symphony orchestra.  She and her husband, Brian, also enjoy skiing, hiking, fishing, and biking in the great state of Montana.



Anne received her college education in pre-physical therapy and nursing.  She married her husband, John, in 1998, and they have three kids — Christian (age 16), Daniel (age 14), and Addison (age 11).  Anne and her family moved to Billings in 2013, and shortly thereafter, she worked part-time at a local yarn shop.



Both of us sisters have been interested in crafts for a very long time.  Almost every craft – you name it – has been at least attempted: crochet, macrame, quilting, counted cross stitch, scrap-booking, stamping, candle making, etc. But there was one craft we had never tried — knitting — until Anne gave it a go in 2010.  At that time, she was living in the “middle of nowhere” (in the heart of the Bakken country, North Dakota), and she needed something to occupy her time. She learned how to knit primarily from watching YouTube videos.  A couple of years later, Anne talked Jolane into trying the craft too, and a new shared obsession was born.  By 2013, we were both full swing into the knitting craze, and especially had fun knitting socks with self-striping yarn.  Pretty soon a new idea was hatched.  Why not try dyeing our own self-striping sock yarn?  Thus, Two Sisters Yarn Company came into being.  We specialize in creating unique self-striping colorways with fingering weight yarn.

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  1. We LOVE your Website! — GREAT JOB …. and we think you should go into “Web Page Design” as well as dying yarn! Love ya both, …. Jim and Joanne


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