Striped Gradient Matching Sock Sets!

We have spent several months developing a brand new unique dyeing technique that allows us to create perfectly matching striped gradient sock sets!  We are now offering these four exciting colorways:

Our striped gradient sock sets come in two perfectly matched half-skeins.  Both half-skeins are dyed simultaneously so that you can knit an identical pair of socks.  The striping sequence is about 3 rounds (depending on gauge) of black and about 8 rounds of a gradient that slowly changes to reveal 7 different colors from toe to cuff.  The sock sets are offered in 300-yard and 400-yard lengths, and the prices vary depending on length and yarn base.

You can choose among the following 4 yarn bases for our striped gradient sock sets:

  1.  Big Sky Base
  2.  Yellowstone Base
  3.  Swan Lake Silk Base
  4.  Bighorn BFL Base

Here are more photos of the four initial colorways:

















Burning Embers
































Lemonade Stand


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