Christmas Colorways

We will be having a shop update on Sunday, November 19, 2017, at 4pm, mountain time, featuring the following new colorways:

Nutcracker Ballet

Dyed on our Big Sky Base, this colorway boasts 15 different stripes in the classic colors of the Nutcracker Ballet.  The striping sequence is 30 rows in a 3-2-1 sequence of various colors, as follows:  3 rows of black, 2 rows of white, 1 row of light blue, 3 rows of royal blue, 2 rows of purple, 1 row of yellow, 3 rows of red, 2 rows of ballerina pink, 1 row of white, 3 rows of gold, 2 rows of magenta, 1 row of coral, 3 rows of Christmas tree green, 2 rows of light green, and 1 row of bright pink.







Country Christmas

This self-striping colorway has been dyed on our Big Sky Base, and the striping consists of 8 rows of tonal red, 8 rows of tonal green, and 8 rows of tonal brown/tan, each surrounded by 2 rows of gold.







Silver Bells

We have dyed “Silver Bells” on our Stillwater Sparkle Base.  The stripes consists of 6 rows each of sapphire blue, light blue, white, pale turquoise, and silver gray.








We are excited to announce a new yarn base to our lineup — the Boulder Tweed — a fingering weight tweed yarn.  “Noel” consists of 16 rows of red, followed by 16 rows of gray.


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