Road Trippin’

It’s summertime, so it’s time for some road trippin’!  Our Etsy shop update on Friday, June 23, 2017, will feature four new colorways (see below) and a re-stocking of several of our most popular colorways.

Road Trippin’

Miles of blacktop separate colorful roadside stops in this fun-filled self-striper.  This yarn was dyed on our Big Sky Base, and the colored stripe names are based on a road trip we took from Billings, Montana to Denver, Colorado over Memorial Day weekend — Billings to Sheridan (green), Sheridan to Casper (mint green), Casper to Cheyenne (pink), Cheyenne to Fort Collins (red), and Fort Collins to Denver (purple).  The miles will fly by with this one!



Party In My Mailbox

Dyed on our Stillwater Sparkle Base, this variegated colorway was named after a segment on one of our favorite podcasts — Grocery Girls Knit.  Tracie and Jodi love receiving yarn, patterns, and knitting accessories, and they share the items on their podcast in their “Party In My Mailbox” segment.  So, party on with this super fun colorway! 










Singin’ the Blues

You’ll be singin’ the blues with this six color self-striper, which was dyed on our Big Sky Base.










Boys Just Wanna Have Fun

Jewel tone colors and neutrals form the basis for this 5-color self-striping colorway.  Dyed on our Big Sky Base, the striping sequence consists of six rows each of black, dark maroon, light gray, blue and green.


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