Good Day Sunshine and New Zebra Minis!

We are excited to add several brand new colorways to our Etsy shop on Friday, May 12, 2017.  We will also be updating several older colorways.  Check them out!

Good Day Sunshine

Spring has sprung, and the sun is finally peeking out of the clouds after this very long Montana winter.  “Good Day Sunshine”, the 1966 Paul McCartney tune, is the latest in our Beatles collection of self-striping yarn.  This 6-color self-striper was dyed on our Big Sky Base and features five rows each of bright sun, strawberry pink, mellow sun, minty grass, water splashin’, and cool nights.  Throw on some contrasting heels and toes with our new black and white “Zebra” Sister Sidekick mini skeins (see below).


“Zebra” Sister Sidekicks

We have just come out with new self-striping mini skeins!  These black and white self-striping minis will go with almost every color of sock yarn.  Dyed on our Big Sky Base, the mini self-stripers consist of 5 rows of white and 5 rows of black – hence the name – “Zebra Sister Sidekicks”.  Each mini skein is approximately 54 yards and 10 grams.

Golden Ticket

Remember Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory?  The chocolate brown stripe and the gold sparkles in this colorway reminded us of that movie – the original, released in 1971.  This 7-color self-striper was dyed on our Stillwater Sparkle base and consists of 4 rows each of Charlie Bucket, Golden Ticket, chocolate Wonka bars, Oompa-Loompas, Grandpa Joe, the Candy Man, and Violet Beauregarde.  “We have so much time and so little to see.  Wait a minute!  Strike that, reverse it.  Thank you.”  Willy Wonka.


Pretty in Pink

Do you love pink as much as we do?  If so, you will need to snap up this pink beauty.  Dyed on our Big Sky Base, this 6-color self-striper boasts 5 rows each of bubble gum, pink starburst, strawberry jam, cotton candy, nougat, and cherries.








You’re A Grand Old Flag

First introduced in 2015, we have brought back this unique self-striper just in time for your 4th of July festivities.  The red, white and blue waves patriotically on this 8-stripe self-striper that will be available on a pre-order basis in our Etsy shop on May 12th.  All orders will be shipped in early June.  This colorway was dyed on our Big Sky Base, and the striping sequence is 2 rows of independence red, 2 rows of Betsy Ross white, 2 rows of independence red, 2 rows of Betsy Ross white,  2 rows of independence red, 2 rows of Betsy Ross white, 2 rows of independence red, and 10 rows of star-spangled blue.  Each skein will come with a “Sister Sidekick” heel/toe mini skein in star-spangled blue.

Stained Glass Masquerade

This was one of our first popular self-striping colorways, so it was definitely time to re-dye it.  Mixing the black and gray stripes with the primary color stripes reminded us of stained glass.  “Stained Glass Masquerade,” named after a song by the Christian band Casting Crowns, has been dyed on our Big Sky Base, and it consists of six stripes, five rows each, of alternating primary and black/gray colors.




New Variegated Yarn

We will also be adding these new variegated colorways to our shop:  Kaleidoscope (left) and Stormy Skies (right).  Both of these colorways were kettle dyed on our Yellowstone Base.


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