Yeah, Baby!

Our next Etsy shop update on Aug. 12 will feature 3 self-striping colorways and 2 variegated colorways, including the first in our Austin Powers series, “Yeah, Baby!”

Yeah, Baby!

Austin Powers 1

Yeah, Baby! Based on the Austin Powers movie “International Man of Mystery,” “Yeah, Baby!” has been dyed on our Big Sky Base.  This 6-color self-striper consists of 5 rows each of Austin’s crush blue velvet suit, pink fembots, Dr. Evil gray, Big Boy blue, 60’s groovy yellow, and Vanessa pink.  Oh, behave!



Watercolor Rainbow

Watercoloor Rainbow Skeins

Watercolor RainbowDue to popular demand, we are bringing back “Watercolor Rainbow.”  Dyed on our Big Sky Base, it comes in two identical half-skeins.  The striping sequence consists of 12 rows dyed in a gradiant effect (dark progressing to medium progressing to light) of each of the following colors:  tomato red, tangerine orange, mustard yellow, spearmint green, tidepool blue, mulberry purple, and boysenberry violet.  Each OCD skein set comes with a Sister Sidekick heel/toe mini skein in tidepool blue.  Mini skeins = 378 yards; Sidekick = 50 yards.


MichonneMichonne Skein

We have dyed the popular “Walking Dead” colorway, “Michonne”, on our Big Sky Base this time.  The 5-row stripe names were inspired by some of Michonne’s quotes:

“We don’t leave anyone behind.”
“We had to stop being out there.”
“Did you ask him the questions?”
“I told you to stop.”
“Don’t you want one more day with a chance?”
“Anger makes you stupid. Stupid gets you killed.”


Serenity Now!


Seinfeld fans unit!  Serenity Now! was dyed on a brand new base for us, our Swan Lake Silk blend, consisting of 50% superwash merino wool and 50% silk.  This silky smooth colorway contains hints of mauve, violet, pink, and olive green, perfect for your next shawl, scarf or cowl.





Purple Sky


Lastly, we are offering a variegated colorway sporting bright blue, periwinkle, purple and aqua colors, called “Purple Sky.”


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