Watercolor Rainbow

Check out our Etsy shop update on July 1 for the debut of our longest striping sequence ever — Watercolor Rainbow — consisting of 12 rows each of 7 gradiant colors — that’s 84 rows total!  The shop update will also include two previous summertime favorites:  Make It Pop and Lakeside.

Watercolor RainbowWatercolor RainbowWatercoloor Rainbow Skeins

This super-long self-striper was dyed on our Big Sky Base, and it comes in two identical half-skeins for you two-at-a-time sock knitters out there.  The striping sequence consists of 12 rows dyed in a gradiant effect (dark progressing to medium progressing to light) of each of the following colors:  tomato red, tangerine orange, mustard yellow, spearmint green, tidepool blue, mulberry purple, and boysenberry violet.  Each OCD skein set comes with a Sister Sidekick heel/toe mini skein in tidepool blue.


Make It Pop SkeinMake It PopMake It Pop

Make your socks “pop” with the six bright colors of this colorway – perfect for Summer.  Knit up 5 rows each of Sun hi magenta, Jodi pink, Corki yellow, XOIQ aqua, MacKendrick prep red, and Caleb green.  This colorway will be available on our Big Sky Base.





LakesideLakesideLakeside Skein

Now that summer is in full swing, it’s time to hit the lake.  Named after the Montana town near our summer lake get-a-way, this colorway was dyed on our Big Sky Base and consists of four rows each of evergreens, berries, waves, rocks, lake shore, and summer sky.


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