Walking Dead Collection Begins!

Etsy shop update — Friday, March 11, 2016, at 4 pm, mountain time.  For this update, we are pleased to announce the first colorways in our new Walking Dead collection — “Rick” and “Michonne”.   Watch for more to follow.  So for all of you Walking Dead fans out there, be sure to begin your self-striping yarn collection now!  We are also excited to introduce a new Beatles inspired self-striping yarn collection.  Check out the psychedelic colors of “Watching Rainbows” (below), and listen to the rare unreleased song on YouTube.

RickRickRick Skein

Our first Walking Dead collectible is one of our most manly colorways yet — manly, like Rick, of course.  Dyed on our Yellowstone Base, the 5-row stripe names were inspired by some of Rick’s quotes:

“We’re going to have to fight.”
“I want to show you the new world.”
“I know this sounds insane.  But this is an insane world.”
“You keep the windows intact, you keep society intact.”
“The deal is done.”
 “These people are my family.”


MichonneMichonneMichonne Skein

Named after Rick’s new love interest, Michonne is the second colorway in our Walking Dead series.  She’s quiet, but mighty, so of course she had to be dyed on our mighty new Beartooth sport base.  The 5-row stripe names were inspired by some of her quotes:

“We don’t leave anyone behind.”
“We had to stop being out there.”
“Did you ask him the questions?”
“I told you to stop.”
“Don’t you want one more day with a chance?”
“Anger makes you stupid. Stupid gets you killed.”


Watching RainbowsWatching Rainbows

This colorway is the first in our new Beatles collection.  “Watching Rainbows” is an unreleased improvised song recorded on Jan. 14, 1969 during the Get Back sessions at Twickenham Studios.  Sung by John Lennon, the lyrics are reminiscent of “I Am the Walrus.”  This colorway was dyed on our Big Sky base, and the striping consists of 6 rows of umbrellas, 6 rows of English garden, 6 rows of electric guitar, and 12 rows of muted rainbows.  So, kick back and listen to this unreleased gem from the classic band, and imagine knitting rainbows in an English garden.


Sassy ShamrockSassy ShamrockSassy Shamrock Skein

This colorway is making its appearance just in time for Saint Patrick’s Day.  Dyed on our Big Sky base, the striping is 3 rows of green beer, and 1 row of shenanigans, followed by 3 rows of St. Patty’s Day hangover.  Luck o’ the Irish to ya!






Pity PartyPity PartyPity Party Skein

Sometimes don’t you just want to throw yourself a pity party?  We do!  This colorway was dyed on our Big Sky base, and the striping is 5 rows each of cruel joke pink, cry if I want to blue, did my invitations disappear brown, more cake for me yellow, pity party’s in flames orange, and pastel ribbons purple.





OutlanderOutlanderOutlander Skein

We have brought back one of our most popular colorways for this update — Outlander.  This time we dyed it on our Yellowstone Base and have included a “Sister Sidekick” mini heel/toe skein.  This colorway boasts eight different colored stripes, approximately 3 rows each, of Jamie, Inverness, Claire, Castle Leoch, Redcoats, Scotland, Black Jack, and Craigh na Dun.  “Sister Sidekick” in Jamie.



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