HoverboardHoverboard SkeinHoverboard 3This colorway was inspired by “Back to the Future, Part II” where Marty McFly and Doc Brown travel to the year 2015 when (supposedly) electronics operate virtually everything from clothing to garbage cans, flying cars are so common that drivers no longer need roads, and instead of skateboards kids skirt by on hoverboards!  We patterned this self-striping colorway after the hoverboard Marty uses to escape Griff Tannen and his gang by the courthouse.  This colorway was dyed on our Big Sky Base, and it consists of 8 rows of Jennifer McFly, 2 rows of Hill Valley, 5 rows of DeLorean Time Machine, 2 rows of Needles, 3 rows of Hill Valley, and 2 rows of Grays Sports Almanac.  Fly “Back to the Future” with this “the future is now” colorway.


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