Merry Christmas, and welcome to our blog!  This is our first blog post, but it won’t be our last.  We are excited to launch our new business — Two Sisters Yarn Company.  We are two sisters with a passion (some might say an obsession) for knitting and all things related to yarn.  We recently started dyeing our own yarn and jumped right into the most challenging technique of all — self-striping sock yarn.  The learning curve has been a bit steep, but it’s just so cool to knit socks out of our own yarn that magically changes colors every few rows.  This is our first colorway — “Octopus’s Garden” (any Beatles fans out there?) — six colors, 4-5 rows each depending on gauge, ranging from aqua marine to lime green with rows of purple and gray thrown in.  We hope to add it to our new Etsy shop soon, once we get it up and running.  Stay tuned, and we will keep you posted.  In the meantime, happy knitting!

Octopus's Garden


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